made in latin america: caifanes

aquí no es así, caifanes
(director: carlos marcovich)
country: mexico
official site

made in brazil: domenico + 2

allegria, domenico + 2
(misterious director)

video X video: holding cards

subterranean homesick blues, bob dylan
(director: d.a. penebaker)

wordy rappingood, chicks on speed
(director: deborah schamoni)

director: grant gee

no surprises, radiohead
tender, blur
shiver, coldplay
discretion grove, stephen malkmus
nature boy, nick cave and the bad seeds
off my rocker at the art school bop, luke haines

artist: suede

metal mickey (director: lindy heymann)
animal nitrate (director: pedro romhanyi)
beautiful ones (director: pedro romhanyi)
lazy (director: pedro romhanyi)
attitude (director: lindy heymann)
lovers (director: scott lyon)